To defend myself, I had to tell a lie.

We should leave you alone.


Sherman can both sing and dance.

That book is classified as "fiction."

She works with single-minded determination.


After Leith had filled in his genealogical pedigree chart with the information he already knew, the remaining gaps revealed where he'd need to do some research to complete all his ancestral lines.

Let's split.

Both of her sons died in the war.

The Mayor of London doesn't like bendy buses.

I couldn't have done that without your help.

I fly to Italy.

Robbin must've written this.

Trey is young and beautiful.

How does Marek intend to do that?

I always go to school on foot.

They saw the boy carried away to the hospital.

May I present Mr Johnson to you?

Darryl lost his new watch.

She has been a wonderful role model for us.

It doesn't look as if that's going to happen any time soon.


Craig certainly is intelligent.

This kind of magazine can do harm to young people.

I don't want to believe you.

I won't be able to do it again.

Hank grabbed her purse and left.

The role of politics is not to avenge what has happened, but to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Karim has a significant role in the film.

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Not all children like apples.

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Get her to call me.


You're on the wrong train.

We have to get it done now.

Pass me that hammer.

Nothing could be more useful than a copying machine.

Keith often stays out late.

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Draw your sword.

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Phill wants to ask you about your trip to Boston.


Agh. I waited for a long time for the receipt of a present from my mother. However, it's very problematic.

His hairdo's out of style.

I am much obliged to you for your help.


Thanks for your email!

I would like to go to the sea more.

Robbers wrecked the mail train.

The interior of the house was very attractive.

I hope you'll enjoy the concert.

He lived to be seventy years old.

I know what Hubert wants.


Moe prefers his clothes to be loose-fitting.

Skef is a good guitarist, isn't he?

I have to wake him up.

I'm not sure it's real.

What does that have to do with it?

I hope it won't be long before I can see you again.

His stomach seemed a bottomless pit.

It took us longer to get here than we expected.

Are you counting your chickens before they are hatched?


Excuse me, please check the oil.

He attended the meeting in place of his boss.

Did you get there on time?


I'll never get used to skyrocketing prices for gasoline.

It's totally without precedent for the suspect's attorney to be the true culprit.

I was smiling.


I told Win that I was way too busy to talk to him.

He went surfing.

Something bizarre happened.

Well, that's what Nelken said.

Take the other chair!


You have to let me help you.

That's convenient, isn't it?

Sit over there and shut up.


I can understand what she is saying.

I don't want an apology. I want an explanation.

They crouched down beside him.


She knows nothing about your family.


It took us half an hour to set up the tent.


Either you are right or he is.

I arrived at the stadium at 4:00 p.m., but the game had already started.

Wes kept on singing.

I'll never be as good as him.

Antonio seemed to be in quite a hurry.

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His affection for Saori was not reciprocated.


Be objective.

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Courtney claimed that he saw a man being eaten alive by piranhas.

Children learn by example.

I'd like to talk about him.


The rumor is abroad throughout the town.

Let's go downtown.

Have a good meal!


Would you like milk and sugar?

Indra doesn't think that's going to happen.

Michiel knew that Edwin wanted him to ask her out.


The price was outrageous.

Our teacher doesn't just speak English, but French too.

I'd love to see her.

A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.

He is difficult to get along with.

Make up your own mind.

I'd like to pay for the repairs.


Do you live in America?

All major economies must step up to the plate if we are to avoid the dangerous consequences of climate change.

Do you think all officials are corrupt?


What is the name of this street?

Let me pay.

I need you on my side.


The boy exclaimed in delight.

Have you ever cheated on me?

Maybe you should call Kent.

In some rural areas, the Internet is important for agricultural information, as well as being particularly useful for the purposes of agricultural production technologies and pricing.

You will sell your house.

I told her I was interested.

What've you been doing to him?

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Tell her to try harder.


I brought you a housewarming present.

Sooner or later everybody becomes adjusted to life.

Jill doesn't keep his promises.


I must give Piercarlo that.


Our education system is very poor.

Nou can only speak in broken French.

Am I supposed to eat this?

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He's mad at everyone.

He that is discontented in one place will seldom be content in another.

Has the snow already melted?

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What is the largest mountain in Japan?


Since when have you been in a relationship?

How long may I keep this?

Are you sure I can't help?


Do you understand this book?


She is no longer the cheerful woman she once was.

It's a beautiful fabric.

I wish you had called thirty minutes ago.

If you want something done right, you should do it yourself.

Too much smoking tends to injure the voice.


There goes our bus.

As a mercenary, did you participate in torture sessions?

Jisheng switched on the machine.

I've had enough of your crap.

I am going to put on stockings because it is cold.


The whole framework was made of iron.

That wasn't very convincing, was it?

I was willing to do it, but Tarmi said I didn't need to.

Maybe we can talk later.

I'm not sure Stu is going to be there.


They finished the work after a week.


I slept very well.

I have no idea whether Winnie will come or not.

She was trying to fight her mother.

I can't believe you watch sports.

We wear uniforms at our school.


Do you guys want to play a game?

They put off their departure due to the heavy snow.

Takao has given us all this.

Tell me more about her.

I'm really in love with you.


Shutoku is probably in his room.

I've never heard so much complaining in my life.

I need some sugar to make a cake.


He has a pleasant voice.